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Archiving This Blog

After 5 years with this blog, I’ve decided to move on. Whilst this site has been fun, it has also has stifled my creativity - which I think is just due to the high standards I set for myself after getting an influx of followers. Plus, I started this blog when I was but a wee lass of 17 years old, so I think it’s time for a new start.

This isn’t goodbye! I have created a new blog where I’ll be posting every so often, but don’t feel obligated to follow! I don’t mind if you are no longer interested in what I’m doing. :)

Thanks for putting up with my silly posts for 5 years, if you’ve been around that long. <3

p.s. I won’t be deleting this blog. I just won’t post here anymore. I want to keep it for all the graphics + great posts that have accumulated onto it.


well, i am groot



So basically I was bored and I decided, hey, what’s better than making character-inspired cupcakes? Also I draw the line at five different flavours so that’s the reason there isn’t no Thea or Laurel or anybody else (don’t murder me okay I’M ONLY HUMAN).

…I’m never doing that again.

Note: I have a more or less shitty reasoning behind each one (Sara’s probably the lamest I’m sorry Sara) but there is a reasoning. I actually (over)thought these, probably.

Do you have a flickr account?

I do! I don’t keep up with it like I should, but here it is.



[cullen] oh no

[varric] oh yes






my typical level of involvement in any fandom


I started Dating Simulator: Origins recently so I could get through all of them before Inquisition is released 

So far I like it!!

Starting a new playthrough of Dragon Age Origins in anticipation for Inquisition! I’m hoping to take my time so by the time I get to DA2 I will be able to finally buy Legacy. Then onto Inquisition. SO EXCITED.

Feels good to start fresh.