The wind was sweet and smelled of home
The sea was rough and felt unknown


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how’d you get your icons like that?

With the magical tools of Photoshop, Mirage, and CandyBar. Mirage makes your dock invisible (I haven’t had an actual dock in months) and CandyBar allows you to edit any and all icons on your mac.

I made the icons myself. :)

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a bit o’ tmi

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Made a better wallpaper to show my love for Dragon Age Inquisition.

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Lola, huh?"

"You kind of look like a Lola."

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make me choose

anon asked: Bigby Wolf or Grendel?

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the fact that a video game that hasn’t come out yet can take over your life is beyond ridiculous

but here I am

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i just care about you too much to be with you

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